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Making service personal
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Mental Health and Wellbeing for All those driving for work

Mental Health and Wellbeing for All those driving for work

In today’s diverse working environments, managing drivers’ wellbeing extends beyond those driving company-owned fleets. It’s essential to remember that anyone driving on company time, even in their own vehicle, falls under the company’s responsibility. Whether you manage a traditional fleet or employees using personal vehicles for business (Grey Fleet), their mental health is a critical component to their wellbeing and to operational success.

During mental Health Awareness Month and beyond, here’s how companies can support all drivers more effectively:


1. Foster Open Communication Channels

Creating an open and supportive communication environment is vital. Ensure that all drivers, regardless of whether they are in company vehicles or their own, feel they can freely discuss their concerns and challenges. Regular check-ins and an anonymous feedback system can help you identify and address any issues early, maintaining high morale and mental wellbeing.


2. Provide Mental Health Support and Resources

Equip all your drivers with access to mental health resources. This could include professional counselling services, subscriptions to wellness apps, and an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that offers confidential support. Organising mental health workshops and driver training can empower drivers to manage stress effectively, which is beneficial for their overall health.


3. Implement Reasonable Work Schedules

Compliance with regulated hours of service should apply to all drivers to prevent fatigue and burnout. Review and adjust schedules to ensure that all drivers, whether they’re in personal or company vehicles, have adequate downtime and work hours conducive to a healthy work-life balance.


4. Encourage Physical Health as a Component of Mental Wellbeing

Support drivers in maintaining physical and mental health by providing information on exercises appropriate for small spaces and long durations seated. Offer access to healthy meal options and encourage regular physical activity, understanding that physical health significantly impacts mental wellbeing.


5. Cultivate a Strong Sense of Community

Combat the isolation that can come with driving jobs by fostering a strong community. This should include drivers in personal vehicles, integrating them fully into social groups, company meetings and events. Implementing a mentorship program can help all drivers feel connected and supported, regardless of the type of vehicle they operate.


6. Utilise Technology to Enhance Work-Life Balance

Make good use of technology to improve the work-life balance for your drivers. Route optimisation tools can reduce driving stress and time, while communication tools help all drivers keep in touch with family and the office, aiding in reducing feelings of isolation and increasing job satisfaction. Easy access to maintenance and accident management resources and support are paramount.


7. Recognise and Reward Efforts

A robust recognition and rewards program is important for all drivers. Regular acknowledgment through awards, public recognition, or bonuses can enhance morale and motivation, showing drivers that their hard work is appreciated irrespective of the vehicle they drive.



Recognising that every individual driving on company time speaks volumes about your company and its values. It’s imperative to extend health and wellness support to all. By implementing these strategies across your fleet—be it traditional or composed of personal vehicles (Grey Fleet), you enhance not only the safety and satisfaction of your drivers but also the overall productivity and reputation of your operations. This comprehensive approach fosters a culture of care and commitment that benefits everyone involved.


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