Making service personal
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Making service personal
The Old Coach House, Corsham
0333 220 0501

Welcome to Achieve Driver Continuous Learning

A programme driven by technology and face-to-face training to improve driver performance, enhance safety, and promote a learning culture. The programme follows a structured approach with four key elements: Engage, Encourage, Support, Improve.


Achieve Driver Continuous Learning is a programme which actively engages drivers in their learning journey. With personalised live scores, continuous learning through a variety of media, interactive communication, and access to resources, drivers are empowered to take an active role in developing their driving skills and enhancing safety.
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Achieve Driver Continuous Learning encourages a culture of continuous learning and improvement. With various training options, including in-vehicle sessions, e-learning, and a comprehensive learning library, drivers are supported in expanding their knowledge and honing their driving performance.


Achieve Driver Continuous Learning provides ongoing support to drivers. The programme offers a dedicated Achieve Driver App, delivering personalised feedback, access to resources, and a 24/7 support team. This support ensures drivers have the assistance they need throughout their learning journey.
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Through performance measurements and data analysis, Achieve Driver Continuous Learning continuously monitors and improves driver performance through personalised and bespoke training interventions. Insights from onboard technology, telematics, and vehicle management allow for targeted interventions, helping drivers enhance their skills, reduce vehicle costs, and promote safer and more cost-effective driving practices.

Achieve Driver of the Month – April 2024

First Place –Prize £100 Amazon Voucher

Second Place– Prize £50 Amazon Voucher

Third Place –Prize £25 Amazon Voucher

Congratulations to our three prize winners who have been contacted directly. These individuals have shown proactivity and diligence in tyre care.

All our monthly winners will be in with a chance to win the Driver of the Year Award. This honour will come with a prize of £1000 and will culminate in a day at our driver workshop with full hospitality.   

Good luck!

Continuous learning in detail

Find out more by downloading our supporting sales documents. Contact Marcus ( for a face-to-face and to find out how Achieve Driver Continuous learning can support your drivers and save you money.

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Fully Integrated

Achieve Driver Continuous Learning recognises the changing landscape of the motor industry, particularly with the emergence of self-driving vehicles and electric vehicles (EVs). The programme works with emerging technologies to facilitate a more driver-focused approach, aiming to improve driver performance, enhance safety, and promote continuous learning.


The Driver App

The programme offers a range of benefits, including in-vehicle training, a wellbeing workshop, and continuous driver support through the Achieve Driver App. The app plays a vital role in delivering personalised live scores to drivers, providing access to e-learning materials, and facilitating dynamic communication between stakeholders. The app also includes a comprehensive registration process, with profile management, declarations, and a licence check, constituting an application for an Authority to Drive. The programme incorporates a comprehensive online handbook and policies, which are continuously updated to ensure drivers are aware of legal and safety requirements.

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Driver Development

The continuous learning aspect of Achieve Driver Continuous Learning involves various training options, such as in-vehicle 1-2-1 training, classroom sessions, e-learning, and a learning library. It also utilises performance measurements through onboard technology, telematics, and vehicle management. These measurements include vehicle inspections, driver-influenced costs, crash analysis, road traffic offenses, and data from in-vehicle technology. The programme aims to continuously monitor and improve both driver performance and various matrices linked to vehicle management.

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Achieve Advanced Driving includes as standard our Fuelsave training module. To see how you can get the training for ‘free’ just use the slider below.

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* Based on an average 11.3% skills improvement after training

** These savings include the cost of training

The Driver App

Driver Score

Points system monitoring driver compliance and behaviour

Check Sheets

Complete vehicle and rental check sheets through our in-app forms

Vehicle Hub

Complete vehicle check sheets, as well as arranging vehicle servicing, repairs and rentals

Learning Hub

E-Learners and learning materials to help improve driver awareness and road safety

Registration Process

Fully integrated Authority to Drive registration process

Driver Handbook

Interactive and easily updatable driver handbook

Emergency Hub

Report accidents and breakdowns, as well as uploading images

Driver Hub

View driver handbook, documents, and legal, health & safety declarations

How Achieve Driver Continuous Learning benefits you

Company benefits

Increase in:


  • Recruitment and staff retention
  • Protection of corporate image
  • Vehicle life support
  • Residual values
  • Compliance with health & safety and legal compliance

Reduction in:


  • Fuel expenditure
  • CO2 emissions
  • Miles travelled per annum
  • Crash and accident rates
  • Insurance premiums
  • Driver influenced costs

Driver benefits

  • Improved driving skills impacting positively on wellbeing and safety
  • A sense of being valued, resulting in reduced stress and increased productivity
  • A continuing programme that provides support and development opportunities
  • Job satisfaction – a good company to work for
  • An acknowledgement of being part of an inclusive team, working to an agreed objective

Health & Safety and legal compliance

  • An online driver handbook, including vehicle and driver related policies
  • A systematic approach to managing work-related road risk
  • A comprehensive communication programme for all drivers, presented via the Achieve Driver App, and includes safety guidance, videos, e-learners, and all other related information.
  • Continuous measurement and recording of driver performance
  • Continuous measurement and recording of vehicle performance, including grey fleet
  • A review process which continuously analyses the data produced by the software
What's in it for me?

Work Related Road Safety – What's in it for me?

What's in it for me?

Work Related Road Safety – What's in it for me?

What's in it for me?

Work Related Road Safety – What's in it for me?

What's in it for me?

Work Related Road Safety – What's in it for me?

What's in it for me?

Work Related Road Safety – What's in it for me?

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