Making service personal
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Making service personal
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“Safety and Wellbeing top fleet focus for 2024.” 2024 Telematics Survey.

“Safety and Wellbeing top fleet focus for 2024.” 2024 Telematics Survey.

“Everywhere I look the industry seems to be waking up to safety & wellbeing”.

Geoffrey Bray, Chairman, Fleet Service GB  

And not a moment too soon it would seem…


Mr Bray went on to say: “The wellbeing of the driver is an essential component to productive, cost-efficient and ethical Fleet management. Estimates suggest 20% of drivers are responsible for 80% of fleet maintenance and damage costs.”


An article published in Fleet News this week illustrated beautifully how companies are finally waking up to driver wellbeing having a lasting impact on fleet efficiency and maintenance. The article was written around the results of a recent survey by Teletrak Navman.


“Driver safety remains a top priority for fleets, with half of businesses currently monitoring driver behaviour and almost a third (30%) planning on investing in driver technology this year”, new research suggests.

More than half of the businesses surveyed (62%) recognise the cost-of-living crisis’ impact on their drivers’ mental health, and Teletrac Navman has seen a 110% increase year-on-year in driver appreciation activities, a 54% increase in adopting reward programs, and a 52% increase in the promotion to senior driver.” Fleet News.


Concerned about Driver Wellbeing?


We have the complete integrated solution:

‘Achieve Driver Continuous Learning,’ interacts with the driver by actively promoting good practice and actively engaging drivers in their learning journey. It’s EESI:


Engage – Encourage – Support – Improve


With personalised live scores, continuous learning through a variety of media, interactive communication, and access to resources, drivers are empowered to take an active role in developing their driving skills and enhancing safety.


About Fleet Service GB

Achieve Driver Continuous Learning is part of a larger, integrated platform, covering all areas of fleet management. As one of our clients you can choose all or any of the services we provide:

Achieve Maintenance Management

Achieve Crash management

Achieve Fleet Administration

Achieve Garage Partnership


One platform – Managed from One UK Location – Nothing is Outsourced – Control is Absolute:


THE VEHICLE – THE DRIVER – THE JOURNEY: A fully integrated, yet modular Fleet Management solution

  • One integrated IT Platform – no service is out-sourced.
  • UK service centre – 24/7 support by FSGB employees.
  • Achieve Garage Partnership – FSGB approved, value and excellence assured.
  • Driver lead – Continually enhanced driver app.
  • Modular – Select only the elements you need for your business: Maintenance, Crash, Driver, Administration, Garage.


What our customers say

Canal & River Trust saved over £201,000 in Yr 1 working with Fleet Service GB.

“FSGB’s industry leading Achieve Driver Continuous Driver learning programme puts their competitors in the shade.”


Live West saved £86,500 in Yr 1 – That’s £7.40 for every £1 spent.

“being able to measure and manage driver’s behaviour and support them through live reporting, has created great camaraderie and pride.”


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