Making service personal
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Making service personal
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Garage Partnership

We have long recognised that working in partnership with specialist independent garages, can deliver a high-value service without compromising quality or safety. By working together, garages become our eyes and ears on the vehicles, helping to monitor and record their condition.

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What is it

Achieve Garage Partnership is our nationwide network of independent garages providing a value for money range vehicle supporting services. The network covers UK mainland, allowing the delivery of Achieve services wherever vehicles are located.


What it does

All partnership garages can provide a range of services to support the delivery of Achieve services. The fully integrated aspect of the Achieve programme ensures a quick and efficient selection of a garage to provide the service. Jobs are allocated electronically, tracked centrally, and linked online to a fully integrated documentation process.

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What it delivers

As the 'service provider' element for the Achieve family of services, partnership garages will assess and evaluate the condition of vehicles as an inclusive part of other work activity. An online vehicle inspection, supported by images, will be carried out by the garage. This information becomes an essential component of the management process, including influencing an individual's Driver Score.

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Driver App
Real-time communication between the driver and our Service Support Team. Driver and vehicle information, check sheets, notifications and reminders, booking and accident reporting.
Online access to safety and compliance resources, driver profiles, training facility, management dashboard, with financial and operational reporting.
We never outsource and all communication is handled inhouse, via our Service Support Team.
Direct correspondence with a member of the Fleet Service GB team.

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Measuring performance, analysing data, and providing driver training to help support the driver at work and provide financial benefits for businesses.

Delivering a comprehensive maintenance management service, which ensures vehicles are well maintained; improving fleet efficiency and effectiveness.

Ensuring that in the event of an incident, the driver has a number to call at any time of day or night. Support is provided throughout all aspects of the incident.

Delivering a comprehensive range of integrated vehicle and driver management services. Providing advice on all aspects of operating vehicles and drivers.

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