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Dear FIAG,


I am a sales rep working for a large company. I am confused about the rules when it comes to the number of hours I can be on the road. I am driving a small company van, it does not have a tachograph fitted, so does the 10 hours max a day apply to me?







Hi Penelope


Many thanks for your question but as I’ve said many times before, “it depends!”


However, it is a general misconception that sub 3.5 tonne goods vehicles are exempt from ‘driver’s hours, including by the multiple van drivers that deliver various items to my home!


As you do not state what ‘industry’ you work in I cannot categorically answer your question, but I would suspect that you are indeed subject to driver’s hours regulations. As with most traffic regulations the rules can get quite complicated but this is the simplest link that I can find here – GB Domestic hours


Perhaps we should be looking more at your question however more from a safety and common-sense perspective. If you are a ‘sales rep’ then I would argue that your job is not driving but selling and the driving is merely a means to an end. The hard part of your job is to sell and starts once you have finished the driving and at this time you need to be at the top of your game, rested, well hydrated and fed and ready to perform!


I would therefore question that if you are anywhere near your daily limit of 10 hours then how can you possibly be ‘ready to go?’ And, if you are doing this often then fatigue and stress will be a regular part of your life which massively hinders performance which may result in not achieving your sales objectives. This will also affect the quality of your life in general.


On the safety side, if your ability to drive is also affected then that could have far more serious consequences than just not ‘closing the sale!’


I hope that this helps you with your query but please do check the link above for more detail and perhaps consider attending a Wellbeing Workshop run by Fleet Service GB to find out more about managing, and indeed improving, human performance.

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