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Making service personal
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Driver App

The Fleet Service GB Achieve Driver App is an essential tool for all drivers. Complete your Authority to Drive registration in-app and get started making bookings, complete vehicle checks, view driver handbook, receive notifications, alerts, reminders, and access training and support, plus many other features.


Driver management is essential in the pursuit of safe driving. The Driver App gives drivers the tools to ensure vehicle compliance and vehicle safety. Continuous measurement of all aspects of driver performance is fed into the Achieve Hub for intelligent analysis and bespoke reporting. The Driver App gives you live data on compliance, training, vehicle status, and more.

Download the Fleet Service GB Driver App

Driver Score

Points system monitoring driver compliance and behaviour

Check Sheets

Complete vehicle and rental check sheets through our in-app forms

Vehicle Hub

Complete vehicle check sheets, as well as arranging vehicle servicing, repairs and rentals

Learning Hub

E-Learners and learning materials to help improve driver awareness and road safety

Registration Process

Fully integrated Authority to Drive registration process

Driver Handbook

Interactive and easily updatable driver handbook

Emergency Hub

Report accidents and breakdowns, as well as upload images

Driver Hub

View driver handbook, documents, and legal, health & safety declarations

1. Download the app onto your device

2. Open the app to the login landing page

3. Log in using details you have previously used for a Fleet Service GB product, i.e. Achieve Driver or our customer portal OR create a new account and passphrase

4. You now have access to the Driver App functions – functionality will be dependent on the package your company has requested

Registration Process

By using the registration facility built within the Driver App, fleet drivers can apply for an Authority to Drive via mobile phone.


Depending on company policy, this application process can run in tandem with an employee induction programme delivered by the company. An informative in-person wellbeing workshop can also form part of the implementation process.


The application for an Authority to Drive follows a three-stage process:-
1. Information gathering questions and declarations.
2. Driving scenario-based questions.
3. Driver licence check authorisation request.


As the information is analysed during the registration process, the level of in-vehicle training requirements is determined for each driver. A successful driver application for an Authority to Drive is visible to the driver in the Achieve Driver App and, at that point, the continuous aspects of Achieve Driver Continuous Learning commence.


My Score

By continually measuring the performance of the vehicle and the driver, Achieve Driver Continuous Learning can intelligently analyse all relevant data collected.

An Achieve Live Driver Score is produced, and an agreed intervention (where applicable) actioned. Driver support, safety, wellbeing, and compliance is a factor in the automated processes which generates prompts reminders and interventions. These are all designed to enhance the continuous learning culture which ultimately influences all aspects of the fleet operations.

Onboard technology, telematics, cameras, etc. feed data automatically into the software. This data triggers a variety of matrices and can also be used as evidence to support enquiries, for example, into crashes or other vehicle related issues/queries. Driving behaviour impacts performance measures, by implementing the continuous learning programme the software reports on consistent improvement by individual drivers as the learning element of the programme begins to have an impact.

The continuous learning programme process quickly delivers; improved wellbeing, a safer working environment and a sense of being involved in the development of a learning culture where all stakeholders benefit.

Driver Handbook

A company handbook, including company driving at work policies, is an essential document.


Information within the document sets out in a clear and unambiguous manner, the company’s position covering all legal and health & safety requirements for the delivery of a work-related road safety programme – Achieve Driver Continuous Learning.


The handbook is an online document and updated automatically – this ensures the content accurately reflects, at any point in time, information the driver must be aware of. Within the online document, there will be embedded references to relevant e-learners and supporting videos.


The online handbook and policy document demonstrates the company has implemented a top-down approved work-related road safety programme and, importantly, covers everyone in the company who drives as part of their work requirement. An inclusive involvement of all stakeholders.

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