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Summer Driving Tips for Fleet Managers

Summer Driving Tips for Fleet Managers

During summer, the increase in traffic—particularly over school holidays—and higher temperatures can introduce new challenges for fleet drivers and their managers. Here are essential tips to ensure safety and efficiency when managing your fleet during the warmer months.


1. Manage Glare:
Sunlight can significantly impair visibility. Encourage drivers to use sun visors effectively and to keep a pair of sunglasses readily available in the vehicle. Ensuring that windscreen wipers and cleaning fluid are always in good condition can also help improve visibility.


2. Combat Driver Fatigue:
Fatigue is a critical safety issue, with a significant percentage of motorway accidents attributed to drowsiness. Implement policies to prevent drivers from starting trips when fatigued. Stress the importance of:

  • Getting adequate rest before embarking on long trips.
  • Taking breaks every two hours or as needed, ideally 15 minutes, to stretch and refresh.
  • Avoiding travel during peak drowsiness times, typically between midnight and 6 AM.
  • Finding a safe location to take a short nap (at least 15 minutes) if they feel drowsy, avoiding stopping on motorway hard shoulders.


3. Ensure Hydration:
Encourage drivers to carry sufficient water, especially when facing delays on hot days. Hydration plays a vital role in maintaining alertness and overall health.


4. Avoid Leaving Items in the Car:
Instruct drivers not to leave perishable goods, electronics, or sensitive materials on dashboards or seats. High cabin temperatures can cause damage or potential hazards like explosions or melting objects.


5. Vehicle Maintenance:
Maintain a strict schedule for vehicle checks with a focus on:

  • Air conditioning systems to ensure they are functioning correctly to keep drivers comfortable and alert.
  • Coolant levels to prevent overheating of engines in high temperatures.
  • Tyre pressures, which can fluctuate with temperature changes.


6. Communicate Regularly:
Keep open lines of communication with your drivers. Provide updates about weather conditions, potential traffic delays, and any changes in company policies related to summer driving.

With the Achieve Driver Continuous Learning App you can send push notifications directly to your drivers. 

By focusing on these areas, fleet managers can help ensure not only the safety and well-being of their drivers but also the efficient operation of the entire fleet during the summer months.

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