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Making service personal
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Carmageddon this Easter Weekend? Not necessarily!

Carmageddon this Easter Weekend? Not necessarily!

So here we go again, the many motoring organisations telling us that the Easter traffic could be ‘carmageddon,’ quelle surprise!

Perhaps we should all stay at home to avoid this, hibernate as the weather could be bad also?


Or we could just make a sensible plan to avoid the potential problems. Remember the old adage of Proper Planning Prevents …….!


Start by making sure your ‘chariot’ is fit for purpose; FLOWERY is a good acronym for planning purposes. Fuel, Load, Oil(s), Water/Windows, Electrics, Rubber, You.


  • Make sure you vehicle is fully fuelled or charged, if an EV
  • Take any unnecessary ‘stuff’ out and make sure your load is secure
  • Check all fluid levels, especially the windscreen washers
  • Take 5 minutes to clean all glass, inside and out
  • Check your lights and horn are all working correctly
  • Tyres correctly inflated, perhaps with a little extra air if you are fully loaded!
  • Whilst doing this, check them for bulges and/or splits


But do it now, don’t wait for Thursday night at 5pm so you have time to correct any issues.

Part of the planning for a journey is to make sure that You will be fit for purpose, properly rested and hydrated enabling peak performance. Make sure you have water and healthy snacks for the journey to ensure that you can stay concentrated and saving you expensive and unhealthy food and drink en route.

Obviously, if you have family on board make sure that everyone has something to keep them occupied, there are some great travel games that have been around for years that don’t involve phones/computers!

Lastly, plan your route, perhaps even look up alternatives in case of traffic hotspots due to incidents and just weight of traffic at busy junctions.

Consider travelling outside of the peak traffic times or just avoid the above known traffic hotspots at peak times; perhaps choose a breakfast or lunch stop as part of this plan and look for somewhere just off the motorway for better value and a good, interesting break.

Make the journey part of the holiday and not just a boring long trip that is a necessary evil to get where you’re going.

Safe travels.

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