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Making service personal
The Old Coach House, Corsham
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Driver App: Did you know? Marking yourself as away

Our Driver App is brimming with functions and features – we continually update and improve the app, so there may be things you didn’t realise it could do.


Mark as Away

If you are going on annual leave this summer, or taking time off for any reason, such as sick leave, it is advisable to mark yourself as ‘away’ on the Driver App.

Doing so, alerts our Achieve system into postponing daily vehicle check sheet reminders. A Live Driver Score (My Score/driver rating) can be affected by overdue tasks.

  • Open the app
  • Click on the blue Away tab, at the bottom of the homescreen
  • Click on the Away button
  • Select your return date, a date must be specified – the date can always be edited if you are unsure of the exact return date
  • Click save
  • Your availability will automatically revert to ‘Available’ when the return date passes.


It is important to be aware you cannot back date yourself as away, or in advance. You need to mark yourself as away from the day it starts, i.e. at the end of your last working day before leave is scheduled.
If you have forgotten to mark yourself as away and miss a check sheet, this task will remain overdue. Marking yourself as away after a missed task won’t impact the overdue status.


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