Making service personal
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Making service personal
The Old Coach House, Corsham
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Resource Library

Resource Library


Welcome to the Fleet Service GB Resource Library, your one-stop destination for all things related to fleet management. Here, you’ll discover concise documents introducing Fleet Service GB, outlining their comprehensive services, and providing practical guidance for effective fleet operation.

Fleet Service GB

Fleet Service GB Corporate Brochure

Our fully integrated, in-house solution to all your fleet requirements.

Why Fleet Service GB is Unique

Delivering a fully integrated driver and vehicle management service

Services Leaflet – Achieve Crash Management

Our Achieve Crash Management programme provides for the driver immediate access to a service response team at any time – day or night.

Services Leaflet – Achieve Fleet Administration

Fleet Service GB delivers a comprehensive range of fleet management services through its dedicated Achieve Fleet Administration division.

Services Leaflet – Achieve Garage Partnership

The Achieve Garage Partnership is a nationwide network of independent garages providing a value for money range of vehicle supporting services.

Services Leaflet – Achieve Maintenance Management

Everybody knows well maintained vehicles improve a fleet’s efficiency and effectiveness. Achieve Maintenance Management is designed to provide you with a totally personal service.

Achieve Driver Continuous Learning

What is it and what does it do?

It is an interactive continuous driver learning programme, considerably enhancing driving skills, reduce crashes and incidents, reduce all areas of related vehicle operating costs, and importantly, improve driver wellbeing and productivity.

There has never been a better time to get it right

Achieve Driver Continuous Learning represents the beginning of a change in culture resulting in considerable benefits. Managing work-related road safety and corporate social responsibility impacts everyone involved in fleet operations.

Achieve Driver Advanced Training

Committed to driver development and wellbeing.

What's in it for me? – Fleet Driver

Driving at work is just a part of my job, and I didn’t realise how important it is to continually develop my driving skills, as I do with my other work skills.

What's in it for me? – Finance Director

I have a clear and defined responsibility to ensure all financial aspects of the business are professionally managed.

What's in it for me? – Fleet Manager

Part of my job is to make sure all aspects of work-related road safety are comprehensively managed. All employees driving for work purposes rely on Achieve Driver Continuous Learning to keep them safe and supported, at all times.

What's in it for me? – Health & Safety Director

I want a comprehensive risk assessment and management process for identifying, managing and reducing the risk to work-related road safety.

What's in it for me? – HR Director

If you don’t respect and care for the individuals who come to work for you, they will seek those assurances elsewhere. The feeling of value needs to start with the management and filter through to the rest of the workforce.

What's in it for me? – Procurement Director

My objective when choosing a supplier is to ensure my company receives value for money.

Guidance Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions many employees who drive their own vehicle on company business or drive a company vehicle for any reason, may have about the introduction of a programme to manage their work-related road safety.

Management Review of Driver Risk

When asked to drive as part of your work, the task of driving is no different to any other work-related task and therefore the same legal (and moral) duty of having in place suitable arrangements to manage health and safety applies.

Return to Driving – FIAG

This short guide has been produced to help companies and drivers manage work-related road safety following what could be a long period of inactivity for drivers and vehicles.

Road Safety Pays Dividends – FIAG

The contents of this guidance document highlights for any business operating vehicles, the importance of making radical management changes in order to protect jobs and ensure the survival of the business.

Vehicle Fact Sheet

Department for transport 2022 report.

The Fleet Industry Advisory Group is a not-for-profit organisation with an objective to develop and share best practice in all areas of managing drivers, vehicles and journeys.