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Fleet Service GB join forces with LiveWest, to mark Road Safety Week

Fleet Service GB join forces with LiveWest, to mark Road Safety Week

Brake, Road Safety Week 19 – 25 November.

Road safety is a priority for us at Fleet Service GB, and is the foundation of any service we offer.


Partnering with LiveWest, to raise awareness for the annual campaign and biggest road safety awareness event in the UK, organised by Brake, the road safety charity, Fleet Service GB presented to students at Cranbrook Education Campus, in Exeter.


Every year thousands of schools, organisations and communities get involved to share important road safety messages, remembering people affected by road death and injury and to raise funds to support road victims and campaign for safe roads for everyone.


The event reaches many people across the nation, reminding them of road safety, with the aim of preventing accidents.


The theme for 2023 is speed, addressing the fact that five people die on UK roads every day. Children in years four and five at Cranbrook Education Campus were given a demonstration by our Client Services Director, Sarah Clifford and LiveWest fleet manager, Paul Ayris which centred around vehicle stopping distances, and showing them the stark reality of how much further a vehicle will travel after braking at various speeds, reinforcing the positives in keeping your speed at or below the limit.


Danny Craig, Supplier Network Manager at Fleet Service GB, gave a road safety talk to the students on the stopping distances topic, explaining to the group the reasons why vehicles take longer to stop the faster they are travelling. He emphasised the importance on why we have speed limits in place and the dangers associated with speeding. The students were given some handouts to help continue the discussion of speed awareness, and a lovely gift from Lightfoot.

Working with LiveWest to manage their fleet of vehicles, our driver management programme focuses on driver behaviour, to continually develop them at work, providing the support and tools to improve driving skills, improve safety and improve wellbeing. This cultural and behavioural shift raises awareness on the road, to understand the consequences of how they drive affects other road users, and to implement interventions, with the aim to prevent accidents and raise safety standards.


Sarah Clifford explained: “Road safety is at the forefront of our business and all our product development.

“We have worked with LiveWest for almost five years, and been instrumental in significantly reducing the incident rate, by helping to develop and support a no-nonsense approach to driver safety, vehicle maintenance and driver training.

“Brake’s road safety week gives us an opportunity to highlight these positive changes and share our experience in making the road a safer place for all its users.”


Paul Ayris said: “We take road safety very seriously and it was lovely to be able to talk to the children at Cranbrook Education Campus about the importance of staying safe on the roads.

“We took along a van to demonstrate how far a vehicle can travel after braking. We were able to highlight to the students the importance of not speeding and to be aware of their surroundings when they are out and about.”


Fleet Service GB’s mission is making work-related road safety a priority for all companies with a fleet, and making the roads a safer place for all.


Fleet Service GB has launched a new driver management programme (Achieve Driver Continuous Learning) which focuses on learning, support and development for drivers, to improve driving skills, improve safety and improve wellbeing.


A big thank you to Cranbrook Education Campus deputy head, Ben Hobbs, and to LiveWest and Lightfoot for their support.

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