Making service personal
The Old Coach House, Corsham
0333 220 0501
Making service personal
The Old Coach House, Corsham
0333 220 0501
Achieve Maintenance

Keeping your vehicle road worthy and compliant

Achieve Maintenance from Fleet Service GB is here to help and assist you in keeping your vehicles safe and legal at all times. Modern vehicles are generally very reliant and dependable but, at the same time, you as a driver, have a personal responsibility to ensure the vehicle is compliant. Achieve Maintenance and Fleet Service GB Service Support Team is here to support you. Please make sure you have read and understood your company handbook and related policy documents, referred to as Essential Reading.

Quick response

Whenever you need to contact the Service Support Team, you may do so either by using the Driver App or making a telephone call. All calls are answered by dedicated qualified personnel – the Service Support Team are always available to support you on genuine 24/7 basis.

Supplier partnerships

For the majority of servicing and related repairs on your vehicle, Fleet Service GB uses Achieve Garage Partnership – a national network of preferred garages. This network is an extension of the Service Support Team and will ensure each and every time there is a requirement, the service you recieve will be to an excellent standard. If that is not the case, then please tell us soon as you can by emailling

24/7 service support

Registered vehicles in the service maintenance and repair programme will be monitored and supported throughout its operational life. Achieve Maintenance will provide automatic prompts and reminders covering all aspects of the vehicle’s maintenance requirements. These communications will be presented to you via the Driver App.

The Service Support Team are there to ensure everything necessary to keep the vehicle safe and compliant is done, as requirements are identified.

Ancillary supplies

Achieve Maintenance supports all related maintenance requirements such as:

  • replacement vehicle hire
  • breakdown and recovery
  • tyres
  • glass
  • other ancillary items

All you have to do to access any of these ancillary services, or to receive support, is to make contact, either by using the Driver App or by making a phone call to the Service Support Team. The correct response to your requirement will be identified by the team, and implemented.

We never close

Contacting a member of our team is always possible.

Driver App
Real-time communication between the driver and our Service Support Team. Driver and vehicle information, check sheets, notifications and reminders, booking and accident reporting.
Online access to safety and compliance resources, driver profiles, training facility, management dashboard, with financial and operational reporting.
We never outsource and all communication is handled inhouse, via our Service Support Team.
Direct correspondence with a member of the Fleet Service GB team.

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