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Making service personal
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Save money or save lives? You don’t have to choose

Save money or save lives? You don’t have to choose

A driver’s safety should never be compromised. But at what cost to your business?


Perhaps £9.60 return on every £1 invested?
Maybe a 45.9% reduction in driver influenced costs?
A possible 50% reduction in insurance claims?
Potentially an 18.9% reduction in at fault accidents? *


Implementing a driver management programme is a cost, but the return on investment using Achieve Driver Continuous Learning, means you will save money.


Achieve Driver Continuous Learning is revolutionising the way drivers and vehicles are managed, enhancing individual driving skills, reducing crashes and incidents, cutting vehicle-related operating costs, and significantly improving driver wellbeing and productivity.


The programme’s focus is on supporting the driver throughout their employment, to continually improve behaviour, attitude, and work culture. From implementation, the driver will go through a series of processes, which determines the level of support required from the outset, and the continuous development and support provided continually assesses the driver as they progress through their employment. The programme picks up on changes and will adapt the level of support required dependent on data within the programme. Monitoring driver behaviour and vehicle condition provides a profile of the driver, and the system will highlight any potential issues where intervention can take place to help prevent vehicle maintenance issues, reduce vehicle downtime and, importantly, prevents incidents.


Producing comprehensive data from all its integrated sources, including driver information, vehicle checks, maintenance reports, fuel consumption, garage feedback, training modules, guidance resources and onboard telematics, which feeds into its powerful, bespoke platform, the Achieve Hub. This intelligent system creates individual driver and vehicle profiles, as well information on the entire fleet, giving you access to unlimited, real-time operational and financial information, to help make those important instant decisions, as well as forecasting for the future.


Managing compliance and managing costs are two sides of the same coin with the biggest influencer being the driver. All company stakeholders need to understand they have a responsibility to take care of their assets, both drivers and the vehicles provided for work purposes, and to behave in a way where all areas associated with driving at work are understood and complied with. Achieve Driver Continuous Learning provides robust procedures to identify, manage, and reduce the risk in driving for work, giving you an auditable trail of evidence of the measures put in place for an enhanced work-related road safety process.


Managing the driver effectively is proven to provide financial savings and operational and compliance improvements, but the biggest positive impact will be on driver safety and wellbeing. An investment today, will provide instant results.


*Client data from 2022-2023 financial year

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