Making service personal
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Making service personal
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A new, revolutionary driver support programme

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Driver, vehicle and journey fleet management

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Making service personal

Our own team respond to all app requests and pick up the phone to you, 24/7. We never close, we never outsource.

Working in partnership

A key ingredient to our success

Integrating intelligent technology

Is our own bespoke software; optimising the provision of all fleet management services

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Achieve Driver Continuous Learning

Achieve Driver Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning measures performance, analyses data and provides driver training. Information from driver behaviour and vehicle maintenance records, continuously feeds into the Hub, which is powered by our bespoke, Achieve technology, via training, Driver App submissions, garage data, accident reporting, and telematics.

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Learn more about how Achieve Driver Continuous Learning could benefit you today. Join a call with one of our members of staff where you will be guided through our technology, including an entirely upgraded Driver App and extensive Hub.

Do you want to help your drivers be safer at work, and in return increase your fleet savings?

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Achieve Advanced Driving includes as standard our Fuelsave training module. To see how you can get the training for ‘free’ just use the slider below.

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* Based on an average 11.3% skills improvement after training

** These savings include the cost of training

Delivering a comprehensive maintenance management service, which ensures vehicles are well maintained; improving fleet efficiency and effectiveness.

Ensuring that in the event of an incident, the driver has a number to call at any time of day or night. Support is provided throughout all aspects of the incident.

Delivering a comprehensive range of integrated vehicle and driver management services. Providing advice on all aspects of operating vehicles and drivers.

Delivering a high-value service without compromising quality or safety. Garages become our eyes and ears on the vehicles, helping to monitor and record their condition.

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New Driver App

Improved Organisation

Improved Organisation

Easy to navigate with a user friendly interface
In-App Registration
In-App Registration
Fully integrated Authority to Drive registration process
Integrated Driver Handbook
Integrated Driver Handbook
Interactive and easily updatable driver handbook

We never close

Your drivers will have 24/7 support from an actual Fleet Service GB team member - because as well as never closing, we also never outsource.


Fleet Service GB recognise every client is different; different requirements and different issues. To make sure there is a good understanding of the client’s challenges, our team engage fully with all aspects of the existing fleet model in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the financial and operational requirements; essential to produce a genuine partnership solution.
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By working closely with the client, asking relevant questions and exploring various options, Fleet Service GB is able to identify the fleet operational areas which will benefit, by introducing services specifically dealing with the identified challenges.


Developing a genuine partnership is a key objective. Spending time discussing current fleet arrangements and identifying challenges, facilitates the production of an agreed plan to deliver fleet operational and financial objectives. This will include a detailed driver communication programme - ensuring everyone is fully engaged in all aspects of how the plan is delivered.
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Fleet Service GB follows a detailed implementation programme, this ensures everything identified in the service delivery plan is included and, at the same time, provides an opportunity to amend or adapt the service delivery plan as the programme progresses. All implementation objectives are agreed before adding to the delivery plan – demonstrating a genuine partnership.

Management service

The delivery of agreed driver and vehicle management services is a continual process. Fleet Service GB’s personal approach, delivered on a genuine 24/7 basis, ensures drivers and vehicles are supported at all times. By listening to driver and client feedback and analysing all the data generated by the programmes, Fleet Service GB is able to enhance the delivery plan – a continuous partnership approach.
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Continuous measurement

The fully integrated range of driver and vehicle management services enables a continuous measurement of driver and vehicle performance. Key performance measures are automatically produced by the system, with agreed information presented to the drivers via the app, or to the client via the client portal. Customised, configurable management information using a range of dashboard formats is always available and supports the partnership approach.

Regular reviews

Fleet Service GB’s approach is to leave nothing to chance. Reviews take place on a regular basis, all data produced from the programmes are analysed to determine the effectiveness of the agreed services being delivered. Comprehensive executive summary reporting ensures partnership objectives are always under review. Client feedback is used as an integral part of the systems development strategy.
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