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Driver training – is it worth it?

Driver training – is it worth it?

It’s fairly straight forward, driving recklessly or unsafely puts the driver, and other road users, at risk. But do your drivers understand why their behaviour and attitude affects the safety of their driving?


The purpose of driver training is to educate drivers on best practices and to prevent crashes and driving mishaps. After completing driver training, statistics show a reduction in driver-influenced costs, through better fuel consumption, greater compliance, lower insurance premiums, less vehicle maintenance, fewer incidents and breakdowns, meaning reduced vehicle downtime.
But equally as important is offering the driver support and the opportunity to develop, to encourage them to look after their physical and mental health, to create a positive working environment, where they feel valued – because this, in addition to the cost savings, will create an increase in performance and efficiency, less sick days and better staff retention, bringing even greater financial benefits, but more importantly building a safer, driving culture for your drivers.


Driver training will help to improve driving skills and promote safer practices, but how do you ensure these improvements continue and don’t diminish over time?


The key to on-going driver development is to continuously support the driver, throughout their employment, to have measures in place to pick up on behavioural changes which may negatively impact their driving and then initiate actions to minimise the potential risk.


At Fleet Service GB we have created a revolutionary driver support programme, which is fully automated and integrated, and dedicated to on-going individual improvement and vehicle management.


Achieve Driver Continuous Learning individually assesses the driver, to provide data to address any strengths and weaknesses in behaviour which can be supported with the correct level of on-going training for improvement. The programme takes feeds from multiple sources, internal and external, to analyse data and provide a series of bespoke, continuous development interventions.
Importantly, Achieve Driver Continuous Learning ‘engages’ drivers by providing them with meaningful and simple messages through various media including digital, ‘app’, in-vehicle, and workshops. The continuous support and development for drivers is the key to creating a positive culture, permanently affecting driving attitude and performance, ultimately improving on safety, performance, efficiency, and profitability.


A snapshot of the benefits of Achieve Driver Continuous Learning:

  • Better engaged ‘drivers’
  • Reduced fuel consumption (ICE vehicles)
  • Increased range capacity (EV’s and Hybrids)
  • Decreased journey times
  • Better maintained vehicles leading to increased residual values
  • Reduction in wear and tear; brakes, clutches, etc.
  • Less stressed, calmer drivers
  • Better driver retention
  • Reduction in ‘incident’ frequency and costs
  • Less ‘speeding’ and other driving offences
  • Better brand representation to the ‘public’


The question shouldn’t be, is it worth it, but instead, can you afford not to?


If you would like to know more about Achieve Driver Continuous Learning, please contact or call 03332 200 507.

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